Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Engineering & Management – HLL Academy

Diploma in Clinical Engineering - HLL Academy

Clinical Engineering and Management is a fast growing speciality of Biomedical Engineering. It offers a broad range of career opportunities in hospitals and medical industries around the world.

This course in clinical engineering and management is designed to train engineers to manage wide range of equipment used in hospitals. It will enable the students for judicious procurement and utilization of medical equipment. Clinical Engineering principles ensures safety and reliability of equipment when in use.

The Clinical Engineering and Management course is a combination of engineering techniques applied to direct patient care. Engineers are also exposed to management and hospital design techniques. On completion of the course, the clinical engineer will be able to support and advance patient care using advanced engineering and managerial skills.

This programme has been carefully designed for engineers interested in working in areas of clinical or biomedical engineering. The course focuses on meeting the growing national and international needs for clinical engineers with excellent technical and management skills.

HLL Academy offers two novel courses in Clinical Engineering and Management on long term basis.

Long Term Programmes

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