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Marquette University
Marquette University M.S in Health Technologies Management
Climbing the corporate ladder in any organization requires management skills, and it’s no different for those working in healthcare technology, medical technology or health information technology.

Marquette University’s Healthcare Technologies Management program offers a 37.5-credit master’s degree to engineers with a passion for health-related technology. Our unique curriculum combines engineering, business and healthcare, providing our students with the skills they need to become upper-level managers in places such as hospitals, medical device companies and healthcare consulting firms.

Our Healthcare Technologies Management program is different from other management programs in a number of ways. Our students:

  • Earn a joint degree from Marquette and the Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Benefit from a unique collection of specialized core courses
  • Receive training in areas typically learned on the job
  • Update their technical skills through graduate-level engineering courses
  • Take fewer required business courses
  • Finish their degree faster

Take your career in healthcare, medical or health information technology to the next level. Find out why Marquette’s Healthcare Technologies Management program is right for you.

Contact information:

Healthcare Technologies Management Program
Marquette University
Olin Engineering Center, 501
P.O. Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881
Phone: (414) 288-6060
Fax: (414) 288-6069
E-mail: jay.goldberg@marquette.edu

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