Basic Electronic Troubleshooting for Biomedical Equipment Technicians (BMET)

Working with biomedical electronics in the healthcare environment is an exciting and rewarding career. The goal of this book is to bring that career challenge to the student with mechanical and critical thinking abilities in addition to a compassion for those suffering from medical maladies. And, given that healthcare is evolving into a technological monolith, the available technology is changing the ways doctors and nurses treat their patients.

Maintaining and repairing medical devices is distinctly correlated to the healthcare profession itself. The biomedical troubleshooting process requires clinical knowledge of the device and its application. An error in judgment during the repair of a medical device could result in misdiagnosis, patient injury, or death. Due to this significance in the troubleshooting and repair process of medical devices, a separate text is required apart from that of basic bench electronics troubleshooting and repair.

This book imparts knowledge with a minimum of theoretical perplexity. The authors of this book have several decades of field experience and attempt to share their experiences when appropriate in order to better understand concepts in a hands-on approach rather than a mathematical approach. There are a multitude of diagrams and pictures throughout the book that illustrate concepts in a manner superior to any mathematical equation.

In addition, this text has been designed to be the most student friendly of all biomedical electronics troubleshooting books published. The chapters flow from elemental to more
complex concepts. Each chapter outlines its objectives and ends with review questions over
chapter material.

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Basic Electronic Troubleshooting for Biomedical Equipment Technicians

Basic Electronic Troubleshooting for Biomedical Equipment Technicians




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