Webinar on Innovations in Global Maternal Health

Innovations in Global Maternal HealthChildbirth presents a significant danger to a large portion of the world. To bring this into perspective, one woman dies every 90 seconds…in the context of trying to give life. Worldwide, each year approximately 326,000 women die ‘a maternal death’ and 1 million children are left motherless due to maternal death. This means that each generation we lose 10 million women to maternal death. How can technology change these horrifying statistics and which organizations are leading the way in developing and deploying these solutions?

In this webinar, Maternova – a for-profit social enterprise dedicated to accelerating the deployment of life-saving maternal and newborn health innovations – will tackle these questions and the common misconception that minimizing childbirth risks has to be difficult and expensive.


Jennifer Barragan, Medical Device Management and Innovation Consultant


Meg Wirth and Allyson Cote, Maternova, Inc.

Date: 29 April 2014

Time: 11:00 a.m. New York, EST

The webinar recording can be found here.

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