Executive Insights on Healthcare Technology Safety – A Joint 2014 Report from AAMI & ECRI

It is impossible for executive leaders to stay on top of everything they need to know in order to manage, plan, and execute well in a world dominated by fast-paced change. Monitoring issues and trends is essential, and yet they don’t always have time to make real sense of all of the data or verify whose data they can trust. 

This first ever report will present AAMI’s and ECRI’s C-Suite Executives’ collective insights and perspectives on key technology safety issues to help C-Suite executives from other organizations monitor, think, and act. The topics were carefully selected  with a focus on C-suite executives from both healthcare delivery organizations and medical device companies.

Why this unique report is prepared for the C-Suite Executives? And, why should they care enough to read it? Because medical technology is complex, expensive, and indispensable to healthcare delivery organizations. It’s too important to simply delegate and hope for the best.

AAMI and ECRI are nonprofits with deep expertise on healthcare technology.They have unique and complementary knowledge that is trustworthy.

The goal was to:

• Synthesize key insights on safety issues that tell an important story
• Share the wisdom on key technology-related issues that merit their attention and help them understand why they should care and why they should act
• Move them to the front end of issues, so they aren’t caught off guard when they have no time left to
“think” about the implications.

Please share this report to your C-Suite executives if you are not the one. Click the image below to download your copy.

Executive Insights on Healthcare Technology Safety


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