AAMI Unveils HTM Career Development Guide

HTM_GuideChoosing a career path in healthcare technology management (HTM)—where job roles and titles haven’t been entirely clear or consistent, the required skills can vary by  healthcare institution, and guidance resources have been lacking—can be onerous.

Sensing that challenge, AAMI’s Technology Management Council designed a comprehensive plan to finally help HTM professionals understand the education and experience they need to move ahead in their chosen careers.

This document promises to help HTM professionals “create meaningful career goals and chart a path to advancement.”

This document would allow HTM to map out a path for their own advancement based on their desires. 

The guide can help an individual on several fronts,  including how to:

  • Chart growth in a current position
  • Prepare for other opportunities
  • Create meaningful goals
  • Be more valuable in current and future roles
  • Help managers develop their direct reports

The document contains an HTM career graph and ladder grids, as well as planning worksheets. There, HTM is broken up into three typical job families: technical specialist, clinical engineer, and leadership. A grid is laid out to show the progression of skills from level to level, and gives a detailed description of each level.

The document also includes planning worksheets and self-assessments. 

Go down the list and give yourself a rating. Get a respected peer to do an assessment on you as well. There’s also a gap analysis that shows you where you need to focus for additional training and development.

It’s all about you taking the ownership of getting yourself ready to move into the position that you want . There’s not someone out there who is going to do it for you.

Click here to download your copy.

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