AAMI’s Career Planning Handbook

Whether you want to grow in your current position or look for other career opportunities in healthcare technology management (HTM), this guide will provide what you need to know to create meaningful career goals and chart the path to advancement. Career development is much more than getting a new job; it is about growing your skills and experience to advance in your career and be more valuable to your current and future employers. Career advancement is also about taking on new challenges and building your enjoyment for your work and your profession. This guide will give you the information you need to have conversations with your organization’s leaders on your future career objectives.

AAMI’s Career Planning Handbook has been written to apply to all healthcare providers who employ HTM professionals, both in the clinical setting as well as manufacturing. The guide contains general guidelines for what is needed to advance through the career progressions and positions. Your organization’s specific requirements would take precedence over the guidelines provided by this handbook. The guide will be of value to organizations that have not produced their own career advancement and promotional requirements for HTM professionals. In these organizations, HTM professionals can share the guide with their organization’s leadership to use as a roadmap for career advancement. It is hoped that the guide will also serve to establish career standards among our various employers so that HTM professionals can use the guide to navigate their careers between organizations.

HTM Managers can use this guide to help your staff develop actionable career paths and personal development plans. Training and developing staff can be a huge asset for organizations. Growing skills and experience not only increases the value of the staff to the organization, it also is a powerful retention tool. Every level of leadership, from frontline supervisors to the C-Suite, is responsible for the development of their direct reports. AAMI’s Career Planning Handbook will give leaders a blueprint to use in creating meaningful, goal-driven development plans for their staff.

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